Summoner School is a how to guide for the massive online game ‘League of Legends’. The aim of this manual is to allow players to become more skilled; and not just on their own, but within team based gameplay as well.

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How Will Summoner School Help Me Succeed?

Having to put a certain amount of confidence in other players in online based games, especially one like LoL can often result in disastrous and extremely frustration outcomes. During the ELO phasing, player’s skill sets are determined which means after being synched with a random team, there is only so much that can be done in order to achieve a winning result; this is one of the many vital pieces of information Summoner School effectively covers.

How Does ELO Work?

During ranked games, players either gain or lose ELO points due to winning or losing matches. This ELO rating system provides players with a skill set that allows for them to be matched up with other opponents with similar skills.
Benefits of Summoner School
  • 4 simple steps to win at LoL
  •  How to win your lane
  •  How to win with noobs
  •  Secrets to play better today
As you can see, Summoner School is a must have for players of LoL who are experiencing the frustration and dread that ELO brings on. Summoner School stays up to date with League of Legends to ensure its users are provided with all the tools and information needed to stay not only relevant in the game, but dominant.

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Who is Summoner School For?

Summoner School is for any player that is not successfully making their way passed the ELO ‘hell’, as the guide refers to it. Some players like the experience of picking this skill up on their own, but most will agree that it is almost impossible; not to mention having to be stuck with a lot of people who are struck with the ever famous ‘game rage’ virus.
Summoner School not only teaches players how to make their way out of this ‘hell’, it ultimately turns its users into LoL MASTERS. After taking in all the information offered in this guide, not only will players become better at the game, they will also help their teammates succeed, no matter how terrible they may be.
The one thing I have noticed about this guide is that it may be too advanced for some noob players or people who are looking into getting started in LoL. Summoner School seems to be more suitable for players who have already gained enough experience in the game to understand its features and even some of its terminology.
Besides that, the only other thing players may find difficult to swallow if the price; some people may just feel like it is too expensive for them to readily purchase. Now, that’s not to say that this guide is not worth it! There just may be a little fan base of casual players that this information just does not apply to.


For $67.00 even, the LoL guide ‘Summoner School’ is a wealth of information jam packed into a user friendly guide for the price. I can’t imagine many League of Legends players not wanting to excel at the game by improving their skill dramatically; and if that is the case, you can’t go wrong with Summoner School.

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